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Leading Your Organization to the Next Level

Through examples, soul-searching questions, and guidance, APB's consulting, speeches, and Stepping Up book guide you to answer Yes or No. If the answer is Yes, we provide the 7 variables in the "stepping up" journey. These variables appear on the steps above. We then lead you through a diagnosis of your situation vis-à-vis each variable. Lastly, we provide a framework for developing, for each variable, a game plan that fits your unique situation.

The APB approach--based on Alan Brache's 30 years as a business consultant--embodies proven principles of growth and change management. However, rather than simply providing explanations and models for understanding those subjects, we build them into a customized process that enables you to make the right decisions for you at this point in your organization's journey.

Your business may be successful in terms of its financial results and reputation. You may be comfortable with the size of your organization. Or, you may be able to meet your growth targets without making changes to your products/services, market, or sophistication as a business. However, you may not have the option of continuing to travel on your current path.

The question: Due to a changing external landscape, limitations of your current market, ambitious financial goals, or your personal need to take on a new challenge, do you need your business to "step up" to the next level of performance?


Stepping Up to the Current Reality...

There's quite a bit of talk about a "new normal" that reflects transformations in economic conditions, market expectations, societal priorities, climate, geopolitical dynamics, and the political divide. We are frequently asked how running a business needs to change in this turbulent environment. Our answer is simple: While conditions change from year to year and, in some businesses, quarter to quarter, the fundamentals of running a business remain the same. A business needs visionary leadership, a clear strategy that represents a prescription for success in the current environment, well-oiled business processes, first-class talent, a structure that doesn't get in the way, a healthy culture, and clear communication.

Stepping Up: A Game Plan for Leading Your Business to the Next Level... and Thriving Once You're There

by Alan P. Brache

This book is not an academic text, an entertainment, or an "idea dump" that forces readers to figure out how to translate concepts into action. It is a workbook with practical tools and questions that help readers identify the unique needs of their businesses and guide them to the actions they should take to address those needs.

The book can be used by an individual or--often even more powerfully--by a select group chosen by the executive or business owner. The team may include not only managers and other creative thinkers in the business but also customers, outside advisers, and investors. The goal is to have the best heads and the primary stakeholders focused on this all-important diagnosis and action planning.


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