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Alan Brache is the president of APB, LLC, his 30-year consulting career has included stints with The Rummler-Brache Group and Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. Alan has published numerous books and articles pertaining to strategy, business process, culture, and leadership.

Stepping Up: A Game Plan for Leading Your Business to the Next Level...and Thriving Once You're There

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The need it addresses: Universally, executives need to determine if their organizations can achieve future success only by stepping up to the next level of sophistication. Like the baseball player who goes from the minor leagues to the major leagues or the actor who graduates from dinner theater to Broadway, the next level represents the same game, but with a significantly higher level of competition, customer expectations, and complexity. Readers who determine that they need to step up are taken through a 7-step process for getting to the next level and succeeding once they've arrived.

Its audience: It is geared equally to CEOs and division heads in large and medium-sized organizations and to owners of small businesses for whom the next level may be more modest.

Its format: It is a workbook that poses questions and provides blanks in which readers/users record their answers. This process guides executives--or, in larger organizations, executive teams--to the decisions and actions needed to step up in their unique situations. Readers leave the book with a game plan that includes actions, responsibilities, and completion dates.

Its length and style: It is the length of a pop best seller and uses the language seen in that type of book. However, it doesn't leave the reader hungry an hour later; it has the substance of a book that is considerably longer and more difficult to absorb.


What people are saying about this book...

...practical and easy to apply

...Stepping Up, provides our firm with an easy to follow framework for planning and executing the work required to compete in the marketplace.